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Last updated 3/12/96

What's New?

Jippo's R&D Labs have just developed a revolutionary new product that will drastically alter the course of human history! Life as we know it will never be the same, thanks to this incredible marvel of engineering! History's most important scientific figures all said it was impossible, that the laws of physics wouldn't allow it...but we've proven them wrong! Please click here and prepare to be utterly amazed...

> We're no longer in trouble with the EPA, FCC, DoJ, DoT, NRA, BATF, IRS, BBC, or InterNIC! We thank our wonderful legal team at Shyster & Theef for getting us out of that horrible mess!

> No more HTML errors (I hope) in the home page! You can actually load this page for the first time in two years! =)

> [an error occurred while processing this directive]

> The new frameset was stolen from Gary's World of Spatulas. We'd like to thank Gary for not getting too mad when he found out about this. What a nice guy!

> This site should no longer cause browsers to blue-screen and freeze up. It was a silly little Java error. We removed the offending applet and notified Malicious Hackers International (the creator of the applet) about the error, and they were nice enough to send us one with a "bigger payload!" Oooh! We can't wait to set it up this Friday!

> Uploaded the missing product catalog. Supposedly, it was a TOS violation, and AOL never told us about its removal. But the offensive items (Spank Me Elmo and Mr. Wiggle's Drinking Game) have been removed from the catalog, and AOL has given us the "thumbs up" to re-upload it!
UPDATE: The catalog has been taken offline again (3/16/96) for unknown reasons. We're looking into the matter.

> We've added several new items to our line of edible bathroom accessories! Try to guess what's new. ;)

> Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the domain name "www.jippo.com." Apparently, it belongs to an underground hacking group. We were, however, able to secure the domain name "www.lovemonkey.com," which should be active shortly. Thanks to Bill in the Tech Department for getting us such an unforgettable URL!

> Most, if not all, of our links have been redirected to our current server. They were all pointing to our old AOL account (which was suspended months ago).

> We will no longer be accepting applications for the position of "Dangerous Experimental Kitchen Appliance Tester." Our good friend Hans from the Mail Department has accepted the position! What a brave guy! He gets his own free tombstone and burial spot (right under the dumpster behind our offices), plus $50 off his funeral, for accepting the position! We wish him the best of luck, and a hearty "rest in peace" in advance.

> The "banana incident" has been a hot subject on our message board as of late. As we have said in the past, there was no monkey in that box, and the fire in Room 203B was just an accident. AN ACCIDENT.

> Our hit counter has been removed due to not working (it kept showing 0 hits). Our web space provider keeps insisting that there is nothing wrong with it, all the other hosted sites' counters work fine. Pfft. Whatever.

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